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Since2005, Ram Construction Co. Earlier Known as Thorn Stone Builder is engaged in civil construction. We are civil construction specializing in multi-storied residential & commercial construction as well as industrial construction.

We have proved ourselves very well in construction of commercial , institutional public use premises, industrial & residential project. With this we are determined to excel with infrastructure projects works as well as pipeline projects with the immense experience.

With a rich experience of 10 years in the industry of construction, we have build up reoutation through our excellent service, high standard of workmanship, client satisfaction & innovative approach towards quality construction.

The construction world has witnessed huge change number of services being provided by the firms engaged as they have enabled themselves for multitasks. We are determined to provide our client with total building solutins on a single platform. We own very competitive terms for PEB structure , space frame, structural steel railing, stainless cladding etc. our expert team utilizes their eperience in using modern equipment for better and reliable execution of works.


It is in time of crises that we must gather our strengths to get the best out of a difficult situation or a challenging task and hence our vision is to consciously face bigger challenges through innovative ideas in order to get the best result out of same.

The more challenging tasks we accept, the more bigger difficult situation we willingly face the faster will be our growth and hence, RCC believes that in order to truly create a benchmark in one's life or filed, one must consciously and deliberately develop the habit of facing the most biggest and difficult of challenges.

An employee will be recognized for his work if he continuously and consciously accepts bigger challenges in his work. And any business will grow, if it continuously takes bigger risks and accepts difficult challenges.

Therefore, we truly believe, challenge is the mother of growth.

We aim to create a meaningful world, which is free of any artificiality and superficiality, where honest and committed work is given prime importance and where there is no compromise on quality at any cost.

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